Ugly Christmas Sweaters – Tipsy Elves

Ugly Christmas Sweaters – Tipsy Elves

dead snowman ugly Christmas sweatersIt’s that time of year: time for Ugly Christmas Sweaters! If you saw Tipsy Elves get a deal on Shark Tank in season five or if you saw their update in season six, you know what this company is all about. They sell Ugly Christmas Sweaters for the Holiday Season (they have ugly Hanukkah Sweaters too).

Tipsy Elves Update

In case you missed it, Tipsy Elves founders Evan Mendelsohn and Nicklaus Morton did a deal with Robert Herjavec in Season five. Robert invested $100,000 for 10% of the business. There was an update in season six, episode 612 where the guys revealed Shark Tank was the best thing that ever happened to them.

They project $8 million in sales for 2014! Part of the reason is they’re moving beyond the seasonal, ugly Christmas sweaters business model to include sweaters and other apparel for other holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, the Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Styles

There are a multitude of ugly Christmas sweaters for sale. The “humping reindeer” is a popular item, as are the new college themed sweaters. Whatever Style you choose, you’re sure to be the hit of the holiday party with a Tipsy Elves sweater!

ugly christmas sweaters college

Ugly College Sweaters

humping reindeer sweater

Humping Reindeer Sweater


Best Selling Shark Tank Products

Best Selling Shark Tank Products

best selling shark tank productsSome of the best selling Shark Tank products in the history of the show are the simplest items you’d want around your home. Out of the hundreds of Shark Tank products and services to appear on the show over the years, these 8 products consistently sell more units and dollar volume than any others.

Best Selling Shark Tank Products

best selling shark tank products - scrub daddy


best selling shark tank products - drop stop


Best Selling Shark Tank Products

best selling shark tank products - grace and lace

Grace and Lace

best selling shark tank products - bouqs


When you consider the success these businesses had after appearing on the show, you realize just how much a twist on a simple idea or a new innovation can result in BIG SALES!

FiberFix is like duct tape on steroids. When this company did a deal with Lori Grenier, they had just opened a call center to sell into ACE Hardware Stores and other home improvement outlets. Within a few short months, they were shipping millions of dollars worth of product.

DropStop, another Lori Grenier business, saw its sales skyrocket in the aftermath of their episode. To date, they’ve sold several million dollars worth of product and show no signs of slowing down!

Lollacup scored a deal with Robert and Mark in season three because they “wanted to partner with winners. They did, and became winners themselves with the most successful children’s product on Shark Tank to date.

Mission Belt did a deal with Daymond in season four. They’ve done over $2 million in sales since. The one-size-fits-all belt resonated with men and women everywhere and it makes a great gift, too.

Grace and Lace partnered with Barbara Corcoran in season five and in the week following their air date did over $1 million in sales. Since then, they continue to be a strong selling product due to their unique products and touching story.

ReadeRest is another product funded by Lori in season three and continues to do over $1 million in sales each year. It’s a simple idea for the hundreds of millions of eyeglass wearers all over the world.

Bouqs is a business that left the Shark Tank with no deal in season five, but their unique twist on a commonly ordered online product (flowers) has them in the upper echelons of best selling Shark Tank products.

Scrub Daddy, yet another Lori Grenier product from season four, is the biggest selling Shark Tank product of all time. Since their appearance, they’ve done over $20 million in sales and they keep on selling!

Shop for Shark Tank Products

Shop for Shark Tank Products

Shop For Shark Tank Products As Seen on Shark Tank

As Seen on Shark Tank is the site to visit when you want to shop for Shark Tank Products. Hundreds of great businesses launched on Shark Tank and as the show’s popularity grew, so did demand for Shark Tank products. Not every entrepreneur who appears on the show has success, but many do and they continue to sell their products. Whether it’s a food item, a new gadget or kid’s item, when you want to shop for Shark Tank products, it can be difficult to find all of them in one place. As Seen on Shark Tank has lists of every product by season and episode and links to where you can shop for Shark Tank products for holiday gifts, special occaisions, or even for yourself!

Shark Tank Products Make Great Gifts!

Have you ever watched Shark Tank, seen a new product and thought “that would be great for_____?” Often, it’s hard to locate a source of information that links to reviews about Shark Tank Products and it can be hard to find out where to purchase them. Find your next gift on As Seen on Shark Tank! Most successful Shark Tank businesses sell on Amazon. The reason for this is people trust Amazon to fulfill orders promptly and provide good customer service. Any business in the early stages has too much to worry about to get bogged down with shipping and fulfillment,after all, they have a business to grow. It’s easy to let Amazon do the “grunt work.” Also, with Amazon Prime, you can eliminate ALL SHIPPING COSTS if you do a lot of online shopping. As this site rolls out, each product will have its own “summary” page. We’re still in the early stages, but you can shop for Shark Tank products with confidence and knowing that each purchase helps an American entrepreneur contribute to the economy.